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Top Tier Providence: Secretly Cultivate For a Thousand Years Chapter 23


Dec 15, 2022


During the time of Han Jue’s cultivation, he Secretly Cultivate For a Thousand Years Chapter 23 for a thousand years. This was because of his love of Jiang Hui and the fact that he could not help but admire her. He also believed that she was the best of all the top tier Providence’s women. This helped him to become the most powerful man in the kingdom.

Han Jue’s Cultivation Secretly Cultivate For a Thousand Years Chapter 23

Despite being regarded as the strongest of the Chaos, Han Jue had not gone out to help the Human Race. He spent almost a thousand years of his life in the cultivation world. He had a Heavenly Dao and two Dao Fields. He only acted when he was sure about what he was doing.

The Human Race, like all living beings, had to expand its territory and increase its resources. In order to do so, it had to fight its way through Chaos. It did not dare offend Yang Tiandong. Secretly Cultivate For a Thousand Years Chapter 23

After the Flame Race was defeated, the Immortal World returned to its previous state. In the process, all living beings cultivated harder. The Human Race, however, fell into a huge trouble.

It is said that Han Jue’s parents abandoned him at a young age. They were servants of Elder Iron. They planted medicinal herbs for Elder Iron.

In his youth, Han Jue was extraordinarily beautiful. His eyes were purple. He had a deep fear of death. But he was still eager to enter the Immortal Realm. He didn’t want to have painful treatments. He merely wanted to stay out of trouble.

At age 13, he invented the Eternal Sword Dao. He was close to Five Mystic Divine Origin. But when he reached his final bloodline evolution, his eyes turned red.

Secretly Cultivate For a Thousand Years Chapter 23For A Thousand Years

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Characters Of Han Jue

MC Han Jue Secretly Cultivate For a Thousand Years Chapter 23 for a thousand years. He has a low profile and lives a quiet life. He has a divine background and his grand disciples have divine backgrounds as well.

He only possesses one great secret: the secret of immortality. He also possesses the ultimate cultivation potential. He is the Creator of the Final Origin Realm and the Overlord of Hidden Sect.

However, his power is not yet at its full potential. He has to wait for the next generation to remember his Ultimate Origin Cultivation Potential.

His eyes turn permanently red during his final bloodline evolution. His bearing is like that of a banished immortal deity in the mortal realm. He also knows that his lifespan is eroding rapidly. He has to be careful when he attacks in the future.

Unlike other characters, he only takes action when he is sure. He rarely leaves his Dao Field. He has an intricate system of resources and a system of inspiration. He does not indulge in pleasure. He also does not provoke Chaotic Deities. He also has an extreme fear of death.

When he was younger, he was very beautiful. His parents had abandoned him. His parents were servants of Elder Iron, an Alchemy Master of Jade Pure Sect’s Outer Sect. They had planted medicinal herbs for Elder Iron.


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